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You Can't Keep a Captive's Character When You Have a Delieverers Destiny PastorDwayne Daigle 12/01/17  
You Can't Keep a Captive's Excuses When You Have a Deliverers Destiny PastorDwayne Daigle 11/24/17
You Can't Keep a Captive's Lifestyle When You Have a Deliverers Destiny PastorDwayne Daigle 11/17/17  
You Can't Keep a Captive's Mind When You Have a Deliverer's Destiny PastorDwayne Daigle 11/10/17  
The Greatest Experiences of a Lifetime PastorDwayne Daigle 11/3/17  
You Will Be Tested PastorDwayne Daigle 10/27/17  
Don't Just MAD... Get M.A.D. Get Motivated Against the Devil PastorDwayne Daigle 10/20/17  
Kingdom Living PastorDwayne Daigle 10/13/17  
Can We Have True Revival PastorDwayne Daigle 10/6/17  
Who's Getting Your Best PastorDwayne Daigle 9/29/17  
Let's Go Deeper PastorDwayne Daigle 9/20/17  
Stop,Start, Stay PastorDwayne Daigle 9/14/17  
A Sudden Supernatural Shift is Coming YourWay PastorDwayne Daigle 9/1/17  
You Do the Difficult God Will Do the Impossble PastorDwayne Daigle 8/25/17  
The Power of P.R.A.I.S.E. PastorDwayne Daigle 8/18/17  
Unsinkable PastorDwayne Daigle 8/04/17  
I"m Powerless Without It! PastorDwayne Daigle 7/27/17  
Journey to the Center of The Will of God PastorDwayne Daigle 7/21/17  
Don't Forget to Forget PastorDwayne Daigle 7/07/17  
Fill Your Horn With Oil PastorCindy Daigle 7/03/17  
Receive It Now! PastorDwayne Daigle 6/30/2017  
Put on the Power PastorDwayne Daigle 6/23/2017  
There is a Way PastorCindy Daigle 6/16/2017  
This Resurrecting Power PastorDwayne Daigle 6/09/2017  
How Can You Sleep? Get Up and Call On Your God PastorDwayne Daigle 5/19/2017  
Get You a Taste of That Honey PastorDwayne Daigle 5/12/2017  
What More Could God Have Done PastorDwayne Daigle 5/3/2017  
Reconizing When God Speaks PastorDwayne Daigle 4/28/2017  
Can You See What God is Saying Pastor Dwayne Daigle 4/14/2017  
Authorized 2.0 Pastor Dwayne Daigle 4/07/2017  
Authorized Pastor Dwayne Daigle 3/31/2017  
You Can't Live Without it Pastor Dwayne Daigle 3/24/2017  
Transformed Pastor Dwayne Daigle 3/17/2017  
Delivered Pastor Dwayne Daigle 3/3/2017  
There is Only One Way Pastor Dwayne Daigle 2/24/2017  
Recognizing When God Speaks Pastor Dwayne Daigle 2/17/2017  
Back to the Heart of God Pastor Dwayne Daigle 2/10/2017  
RE Pastor Dwayne Daigle 2/03/2017  
Make Your Move Pastor Dwayne Daigle 1/27/2017  
Put Out Into Deep Water& Let Down Your Nets Pastor Dwayne Daigle 1/20/2017  
Restituiton Revolution Pastor Dwayne Daigle 1/16/2017  
The Cave Pastor Dwayne Daigle 1/13/2017  
Getting Direction for Your Life Pastor Dwayne Daigle 1/11/2017  
How Walk in God's Full Blessings Pastor Dwayne Daigle 12/26/2016  
Don't Forget to Remember Pastor Dwayne Daigle 12/19/2016  
God Don't Lie Pastor Dwayne Daigle 12/12/2016  
Advancing Through Adversity Pastor Dwayne Daigle 11/28/2016  
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