Church of the Promise Loving God ~ Loving People


Brandy Simon

...3 years ago I became a faithful part of COTP and gave my life to the Lord.
...Since then, I have been transformed on the inside. I went from hopelessness, having no direction in my life, and just wondering why I was here, to having purpose, peace, and joy. I used to ask, "What is this life all about? There has to be more." Those questions have been answered in many different ways and continue to be answered the more I come to know our Lord Jesus Christ. I was tired of going through everyday feeling that there had to be more, and asking myself, " What is this life about? Do I die and that's the end of my life?" I found the Lord by attending a local spirit filled church with Pastor's who love the Lord and have laid down their life for the Gospel. I am now fulfilled . - Brandy

Daniel & Tammy Gaspard

...Before hurricane Rita we lived in Cameron, Louisiana. We wanted to move, but we couldn’t sell our house
We desired to have a home that was newer. The enemy lied to us and stole from us with this house. God gave us a word about a new home, as this was our desire. This is the word He gave, “Sometimes we get what we are asking for right then and sometimes we have to wait” Well, that new home was a special order so we had to pull up and wait. We had peace; God was preparing us for a new chapter in our lives. There were a few stops along the way after the storm like Sunset and then Sulphur. But then God led us to Iowa, Louisiana. Now we have a new home that no one else has lived in and we didn’t have to take a loss on the home we owned in Cameron. See we look at Rita as a blessing not a curse, He provided everything for us, every step of the way. ~Daniel and Tammy ~

Shane Cormier

...I never really had a relationship with the Lord growing up...
Later in life a vision came to me in Wal-Mart that changed my life and steered me in the right direction. Many blessings and opportunities have come my way. Such as attending International School of Ministry through the Church and growing a closer relationship with the Lord. ~Shane

R.J. & Dolores Daigle

...I was diagnosed with kidney failure with just 39% function....
I was going down hill fast. But during one service my faith was stirred as the worship team lead the song "Healer" and I said "Lord, I know you ARE my healer." I just thanked him for my healing as I worshiped him. When I went to the Dr. just a few days later he was astonished as my Kidney function was 100% and my triglycerides and other blood work were all normal too! Praise God ! -Dolores

Amy Henry

...A country girl, from Reeves, La., living in chaos and disorder, I was so lost, without hope.
My innocence was taken at a very young age. I learned how to be a survivor, waking up each day having no purpose or reason to live. I went looking for love in all the wrong places, all I wanted was for someone to love me. I was headed for the path of destruction. I did anything that would take away or ease the pain. I prayed and asked God to take me out of this evil world. I should be dead, but God in His mercy and grace protected me. After seeing God’s protection from death, I started searching, but I wasn’t ready to surrender, I believed He was no different than men who had been in my life and I wasn’t willing to risk getting hurt. I ran from God, anytime I heard His name I would get angry I blamed him for everything. I was at end of my rope and out of desperation I cried out to God. I said if you are real save me. I can’t say that everything changed at that moment, but I can say I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders, I found people who could help me through the things I was going through and started going to church. It’s been an amazing journey. God has brought me places that I have only dreamed of, I never felt worthy of anything, and now I am a Daughter of the Most High God. I live a blessed life, I’m no longer broke, busted or disgusted, and I have divorced trauma and drama. I have been given new life and have been set free. He took my ashes and turned them into beauty.