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We do have the power to overcome temptations and RULE over personal sin as Christ did because His divine nature  is deposited in EVERY born again believer.



Infusing into the purposes & plans of Christ, both in and through His Church about my Father's work, pursuit of calling.


1.*About The Bible

2.     *A Matter of Birth

3.     *New Creation

4.    *The Body of Christ

5.    *Promise Kept

6.     *Renew Your Mind

7.     *Pray W/ Understanding

8.     *Free from Hurts

9.    *Pray, a New Way

10.   *Confession & Testimony

11. *The Laws of Love & Faith


Christ's empowerment for Super-natural living through the Holy Spirit and the future events foretold in scripture..

1. *The Bait of Satan

2. *Overcoming

3. *The Power of Spoken Words

4. *Increasing faith

5. *...Spiritual Gifts

6. *Faith for Healing

7. *New Future

8. *The End of Evil

9. *New Heaven

10. *Holy Spirit’s Anointing

1. *Under Cover

2. *Brokenness-Service

3. *Spiritual Warfare

4. *Entering the Vision

5. *Design ... Personality

6. *Designed ... Gifts

7. *What about Trials

8. *Praise & Worship

9. *Mystery of Grace

10. *God, Your Provider

11. *A New Kingdom


Leading others to what you have found in Christ “Because they have Love one for another” relationship in the kingdom

1. *Why of Evangelism

2. *Walk in Love’s Fruit

3. *Praying for the Lost

4. *Ways Evangelism#1

5. *Ways Evangelism…#2

6. *Honors Reward

7. *Generatnl Bondage

8. *Shepherd a Heart

9. *Fear of the Lord

10. * World Changers

*based on works by other authors Like John Bevere, Lee Thomas, Gary Smalley, Pastor Howard & Jackie Holton, Ted Tripp, Brian Kluth ... Click here for a Complete Bibliography