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We do have the power to overcome temptations and RULE over personal sin as Christ did because His divine nature  is deposited in EVERY born again believer.


Infusing into the purposes & plans of Christ, both in and through His Church about my Father's work, pursuit of calling.

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About the Bible

Matter of Birth

New Creation

A New Family

Promise Kept

Renew Your Mind

Pray W/ Understanding

Free From Hurts

Pray A New Way

Confession & Testimony

Laws of Love & Faith


Christ's empowerment for Super-natural living through the Holy Spirit and the future events foretold in scripture..
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Bait of Satan


Power of Spoken Words

Increasing Faith

Spiritual Gifts

Faith for Healing

New Future

The End of Evil

New Heaven

Holy Spirit’s Anointing
Pastor Dwayne Daigle Sudden Supernatural Shift

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Under Cover

Pull the Wool  

Spiritual Warfare

Entering the Vision
The Samson Syndrome


What About Trials
Praise & Worship
Mystery of Grace
God, Your Provider
A New Kingdom


Leading others to what you have found in Christ “Because they have Love one for another” relationship in the kingdom..
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Why of Evangelism

Walk in Love's Fruit
Praying for the Lost

Ways of Evangelism #1
Ways of Evangelism #2

Honors Reward

Generational Bondages

Shepherding a Heart

Fear of the Lord
World Changers

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*based on works by other authors Like John Bevere, Lee Thomas, Gary Smalley, Pastor Howard & Jackie Holton, Ted Tripp, Brian Kluth