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Fast Track...

Wondering WHY should you?

It’s simple…
Because Church IS about YOU! ...Well, you and your walk with Jesus.

Jesus made it about restoring you to what you were intended for. Any really good restoration project takes time and careful attention.

Jesus called the people who received His attention in their restoration, his disciples. Discipleship is focused, deliberate…

What you receive from going to the services is good for your "right nows" … what you receive in INFUSION makes the "right now" you get in service even more effective… now and later... lasting & stronger.


The best shortcut is the one that gives you ALL the BENEFIT with the least effort.

As a new believer

...It’s the answer to, “Where do I begin, How do I start?”

As a growing believer?

...The more you learn about Christ, the more valuable Infusion becomes.

As a seasoned believer?

...The Infusion course refreshes proven ground. Restores focus & rejuvenates passion.

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