Church of The Promise Loving God ~ Loving People

Current Ministries

International Missions

Preaching the Gospel

From here to the ends of the earth is the responsibility of every church.
There are those who go and those who send. We offer both. We a chance to go to various Mission Fields and a chance to take part in sending those who are already there. There are many valiant hearts that have answered the call and trust those who remain to be faithful in keeping them out in the field. We are thankful to be part of that. Want to read more about a few of them? (See our Missionaries)

Marriage Resources

Strong Biblical Marriages

Ever feel like there must be a manual you could read since you said, "I do"? Loving marriages are essential, greating one is done on purpose.

Being part of a marriage centered on God is a how it's done. What if you started on the wrong thing. God is well aware. And ready to help you get on track. Most marriages are made of a "good guy & a good girl who are working a bad system" -Pastor Mike Mille'. With that said, C.O.T.P. has helpful resources that will direct you to trading in your broken, painful system for God's perfect system.

Core Ministries

Making it Happen

Having a place to worship takes people who care about making that happen.

They are the Core Ministry Team. A variety of skills are put to good use to prepare to recieve the body of Christ in Corporate worship each week. The satisfaction that in some way you helped a person end an agonizing battle, rescue a troubled marriage, turned the heart desperate soul back to Jesus. There just isn't anything like having that kind of passion.

Community Outreaches

Community Matters
Being a voice of reason in changing & troubling times is what the church should be. A comfort in crisis, a blessing in celebration of lifes passages, a beacon of truth and assurance. The Bible provides all these and more. Biblical anchoring is invaluable.

Prayer Ministry

A House of Prayer

Jesus said My house shall be a house of prayer. Prayer is simply open communication with God.
Its somehting every Chrisitan should do. A continual open conversation with the Lord is crucial to a vibrant Christian walk.

Teaching Ministry

Teaching others about Jesus
Who doesn't want to know more about God, the Bible, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Prayer, heaven, our purpose, God's will?