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Bible Activities


Abraham lived in tents.

He was 'nomad'. They wandered from place to place. They would go to where ever there were places to feed their herds of animals. They made thier home in sturdy tents that wer easy to move. When you read the Bible you will read about the tents. There are still some places even today that people live in tents just as they did in the Bible. Read find what did they use to make their tents.

Make it yourself


You can make a tent too! Ask an adult if you can use a sheet or blanket, a kitchen chair and a few canned goods. Now place the chair in the center then put the sheet or blanket over the chair. then use the canned goods to spread and hold the ends of your blanket tent apart on the floor. Then grab a pillow & your bible and crawl into your tent.

Once you are cozy inside your tent. Read the story of Issac's wells. (Genesis 26:17-32) When you read the story you can imagine living as they lived thousands of years ago.

CAN You see InViSiBlE things?

What are some things you knpw about that are invisible? How do we know they exist?

There are many things that you can not see. We knnow they exist because we see their effects. We see the leaves moving outside and we know the wind is blowing. we cant see the air but we know it is there. We know about gravity, electricity, Radio waves. These are just some of the things that are invisible. God is invisible but we can know Him by the things He does also. We can know Him by the things He already made. All things were made by Him. He creaated them all. With out God nothing would or could exist.
His-STORY Jesus Left.. More evidence of Jesus than There were many proofs of his existance. Many people saw the things he did and heard Him teach. His teachings are very old. He has impacted the world greater than any other leader. But Jesus was not just a famous leader. He was the only man who never sinned and who could give His life as a trade for ours.
What is Prayer?

Well, It is just having a little talk with God.

Matthew 6:1-14

We don't have to memorize what we want to say to God. Not anymore than you have to memorize what you will say to a Parent or friend.

We can read what someone else suggest to help us with ideas of what to talk about. Jesus taught about prayer. He told us how we ought to think, feel and act in the presense of God. We should be very very respectful. We should honor His name and know that everything we have and are is because He wanted us to be. We sould be honest with Him about the things we do wrong and thankfully ask for His help, We want to stay away from bad things and He can help us with that if we ask Him too.




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