Church of the Promise Loving God ~ Loving People

Church of The Promise Loving God ~ Loving People


Taking Jesus as He is to people as they are


Recieving is what you do when you accept a gift. Jesus is God's most valued gift. There is nothing else more rare or precious that the only Son of God. Accepting Jesus is taking the gift of God as He intended for you to do.

As He is as the redemptive, suffering Saviour...AND as the ressurrected lord of Lords and King of Kings... He has made His Church to rule in this life and in even greater measure in the life to come.

Striving to help you connect to Jesus

Jesus As He Is:

Some people would like to dress up our beaten, forsaken & stripped Savior. Make Him more attractive. His appearance at His crucifixion was so disturbing many turned their faces away. But even in this state, He was more glorious than the mildest sin. This is the way. Many still turn away. Taking Jesus as He is means accepting this first. His embarrasing state at His death was required and He loved you enough to do what ever was needed to provide LIFE for you. Then we must understand that He did not stay there. He then violently decended... (read more)

To People As They Are:

This may seem a bit obvious, but it also may be the thing most struggle with. God sends us to people as they are... Just as Jesus met the un-desirable, un-lovable & un-holy ... He sends the church today. And Just as He did then, He won't leave them the way He found them. An authentic encounter with Christ causes the anguish of a sin driven life to expire and new life is found in the captivating Love of God.


The Atonement... That is the pivotal point in Human History when Christ made possible to absolutely anyone who would take it... the FULL reconciliation of God and Man. What Sin had destroyed and torn away... violently ripped from the Living God... He placed us as co-heirs.. able to receive with Christ what He provided. Salvation, Holiness, Healing... all the precious Promises written in Scripture.