Church of the Promise Loving God ~ Loving People


"Taking Jesus as He is to people as they are!"

means letting Jesus give you what he prepared for you. When a coal is separated from the fire it goes out. Connecting with others is vital. Finding the right group is what everyone wants. If the right group for you is where authentic faith can flourish then come begin "Taking" your place and portion in His Kingdom.

Lot's of people 'describe' Jesus as though their opinion make it so. They reinvent Him in a manner that keeps them right where they want to be. As though their opinion counted more than His existance. Christians Take Jesus "AS HE IS"! Why? Because "as He IS" is way better than anything that has entered into our minds & hearts.

He meets us all where we are, as we are. Then gently leads us to those 'green pastures' and 'still waters' of the heart and soul... but don;t think it will be boring. You will be catepulted into an awesome adventure as you say "YES!" to His leadings.

We Invite you to come

Corporate Prayer

Sunday's @ 8:30a.m. in sanctuary!

More options

Teaching, new friends, understanding, laughter, warmth, prayer, celebrating, relaxing, reaching out... there are more benefits than we can tell you about here. Folks get together, bless, get better and stronger.

Befriend & Belong
Want to know why God created you? How your unique design compliments His purpose for your life? Interested in getting to that place where you don't feel like your missing out on something really important?
Believe & Become
What you BELIEVE matters. It matters to who you become and to what others become. Bible Study is validated by the way you live it out in the company of others. You are a captive or a deliverer. Allowing yourself to trust the leading of the Lord will bring you to being a deliverer who fiercly loves others. This is the place where we practice what we believe and look closely at our beliefs in light of God's truth.